My new song ‘Breathe’ is now available. You can have a listen here on the Spotify player below.

This one was written and recorded this week, actually just one night in the last week. It just started with the beat and the rest of it kind of fell in to place from there. That’s not usually the way I write them but if it works, it works.

I’ve had a new song each week for the last month or so and I’ll see how it goes. What do you think, should I keep going? I think probably will, what else are you going to do eh.

All the best.


I have got a brand new song available now called ‘Night’. It’s a song I have had around for a while and it’s a fun one to play. I’ve got into a way of writing quite short songs for the last while and it works well here.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy. You can have a listen via Spotify below: listen

You can buy directly from iTunes through the following link.

All the best and much love